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Ranganatittu – A photo Diary

All the photos in the post are captured in Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary Karnataka. Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary is pride of Karnataka for being a host for a variety of migratory birds throughout the year. Birds fly to Ranganatittu from various parts of the world including distant American, African continents. Birds fly thousands of kilometers to reach the place. The climate, clean water of river Kaveri and abundant fish availability in the place are main reasons. Variants of Pelican, Storks, Egrets, Heron, Cormorant family, small birds likes and piper, kingfisher, Mud swallow, Peacock etc are commonly seen (The list does not end here though) Apart from these, fresh water Crocodiles are also major attraction of the place.

Note: Click on the photos below to view full size.

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Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

An Engineer by profession and a Traveler by passion. Hails from Karavali, loves Malenadu and lives in Bengaluru. Loves travelling, trekking and Riding.

  • Sumana Mullunja

    Wonderful capture! 🙂 Feast to eye!

    • Thanks a lot Sumana.. 🙂 Yeah.. cant ask for more from Nature..!

  • Veena

    Nice clicks:) I loved the orange & blue bird.. 😀 if possible tag the name of birds along with the pics..:)

    • Thanks a lot.. 🙂 Orange and Blue bird is Common Kingfisher.. 😀 Suggestion taken..!! Next time something like this if done, will be handled in different way.. But, if u see, when u hover the mouse over the photo, a small description is displayed.. and also, in slide show, a description is shown.

  • Nikhil

    Nice Shots Niranjan 🙂 True Signs of an upcoming Photographer 🙂

  • Seemal

    Awesome clicks!!! Cant wait to visit Ranganathittu !!!!! 🙂

    • Thank u Seemal..!!! If u are visiting, make sure u visit during right time of the year. Feb and March are the perfect time to find variety of birds (At least 20-25 types)

  • if i can select the best picture in this , river tern bird picture is the best picture ..i just love the picture very much so much perfection in that .. perfect framing perfect colors …

    • Thank you Rakesh.. 🙂 apart from the photo, the bird itself is such a sweet one that it does not even protest when crows come and attack its eggs/ young ones..!!!

  • Guruprasad Kathavate

    awesome pics and good brief info.
    The unnamed bird is the White Browed Wagtail

    • Niranjan M Bhat

      Thanks a lot Guru.
      Thanks for bird id too.. Was searching for the bird id.. 🙂

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