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Photography: Dragonfly flying

Last time I had uploaded a photo of a bubble in the air. This time it is a Dragonfly what you are seeing now. Once I had seen a friend of mine showing a photo of a dragonfly in the air and just by the look of it, I had decided that I too should capture a photo similar to that but that did not turn out to be easy. The main reason for it not being easy was that these flying insects almost NEVER stop for giving a pose for the camera! They are very restless in the air and do not stay in a place. After failing miserably to click them in air in different time of the day and places, I started to lose patience yet I realized that they are a bit calm in early morning time and one day when I was in college, I realized that the flies over there were very calm. I grabbed this opportunity and after a few clicks I came up with this photo!.

(click to enlarge) Photo by Kaushal Bhat

(click to enlarge) Photo by Kaushal Bhat

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Kaushal Bhat

Kaushal Bhat

  • Side view of helicopter..!!!. Creative photography.

  • Kaushal.. Nice Photo…
    However, I see the title as Photography : Dragon Fly. I am someone who follows a lot of photography related website to learn more. With the same wish i made an attempt to look at the post.! If I just wanted to see a dragon fly photo, i could have opened google and found hundreds.!!! But, i came here to look for info on it. Did not find it, instead found some lame story.. Please give some info on which camera u have used, lens, filters, tripod mounted or not and tips to take photos of these kind etc in a photography post. If not, let it be as a photo story. (off course not story on what you did the day u took the photo) This post belongs to neither of the category.

    @Admin – Please take a note. I am a follower of readoo and i wish there will be quality posts making me come back and read. I am not saying the photo was bad. But my thumbs down to the post overall..

    I hope the comment will be taken on a positive note and not as a demotivating one.

  • Kaushal Bhat

    Camera model: canon EOS 600D
    (purchased it for 55k in mangalore on 3rd february,2013 at 10AM)
    Shooting time/date: 9:10:55AM/ 10/22/2014
    lighting or scene: auto
    focusing: manual
    ISO 400
    lens: tamron 70-300mm
    focal length: 300mm
    flash: off
    filter: none
    live view shooting: off
    camera body number: 258076079863
    height of the fly from ground: 2 and half feet approx.
    post processing: none

    tips to capture such photos: good timing and good background. Autofocus wouldn’t help you much so switch to manual…and most importantly HAVE PATIENCE!

    hope this much detail is enough for you

  • Kaushal.. I did not ask u to share the EXIF info itself. I just said the content along with the post could have been better. Anyways thanks for the info. (And does the date and time of purchasing a camera really matter for quality of picture..??!!! Common… Be sensible even while showing ur anger… )

    I hope u be a little kind and humble when u reply next time to anyone..!!!

    Accidentally opened this post again to see if i have got a reply. I wish I had not done..!!!

    PS – I did not comment to hurt u or to demotivate. This is how people comment in photography related posts in any website. Please be tolerant to people who comment on the photo. Because, if someone is commenting, that means he has read the post completely and also analyzed the photo a bit at least. So, do not be mean to them.

  • kaushal bhat

    ha! i didn’t take it offensively…
    hopefully you won’t take it that way too..
    thank you for your valuable suggestions..i will take those things into consideration from next time.. thank you 🙂

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