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Hello gamers, whassup…? February is over. It’s the month Playstationers will be bit happy about. It’s the month they  got exclusive release  like The Order 1886. The Order 1886 did not get reviews like that of The Last of US… but, to be honest, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a glorified attempt by developer Ready At Dawn to bring the most cinematic experience in a game. The game looks absolutely realistic and weapons in the games are the most innovative. This game is gonna let you experience an alternative history that takes place in London and what if Serbian Legendary Scientist Nicola Tesla developed and supplied all the weapons to you to go out to fight evil lurking in the street. Check the trailer here(it’s a gameplay footage exclusive to ps4 only)

The reviews for the game are already out by Games Radar, IGN, and other sites like Kotaku, Gamespot etc. Check it out here. Though the game was praised for this gorgeous environment, graphics and story, it’s also criticized for linear world and quick time events.  But if you want to showcase the power of your playstation4  or if you want to experience a cinematic rollercoaster ride or be part of a movie; reach out to the stores and start playing. Check out some YouTube video’s to witness.

I absolutely loved this trailer of Dying Light. Dying Light, new title from developer Techland became the best selling game of January 2015. We also saw new AAA IP  Evolve hitting the shelves of gamers. Dying Light the Zombie focused parkour adventure shooter game was received well for its free movement, weapon crafting and absolute tense horror battle moments in night with Zombies and Evolve was well received for its superior Team Gameplay and hunt the monster experience , it also let you play as monster. Both games are absolutely beautiful.

Apart from this news was all about results of past year 2014. Holiday season saw Xbox one beating Playstation 4 in sales figures (First time ever since their release); Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare became the highest selling game of last year, games like Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow Of Mordor grabbed most of the game of the year awards, Far Cry 4 beat likes of COD and Destiny and won best shooter of the year. Ubisoft published its sales figures of year 2014, despite glitches that tormented Assassins Creed Unity, Ubisoft was able to sell 10 million retailer copies along with last gen part of assassins creed game – Assassins Creed Rogue.. Not bad Ubi: D Far Cry 4 sold on its own more than 7 million copies.

To add more spice to the topic GTA aka Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best games of this gen has been sold 45 million copies as per publisher 2K Games sales figures. How’s it? Isn’t it huge? You should also know that developer RockStar has spent 300million dollar for the development of GTA V.  Yes you are right budget was higher than Hollywood movie!

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