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HTC ONE M9 specs, release date and price in India

Well, Well, Well, So, the rumours never turns out to be false in case of mobile phones. The Mobile World Congress 2015 is here and HTC took no time in introducing their next flagship device “HTC One M9”. Here’s what it looks like:



As we could see, the device looks much like its predecessor One M8, except for the camera and the hardware improvements.

HTC One M9 Specs:

Call it good or evil, for some reason HTC finally decided to dump the so-called “Ultra-Pixel” technology, (Well, not completely!) at least from the rear camera. They instead boosted into 20 Mega Pixels for the rear camera. That’s a huge jump over the 4 Mega Pixel (Ultra-Pixel) rear camera of the One M8.

Here are the device specs:

Display: 5 inches
Resolution: 1080p
Processor: Octa-Core Snapdragon 810
Rear Camera: 20 Mega Pixels
Front: 4 Ultra-Pixel
Storage: 32 GB (Exp-128GB)
Battery: 2840 Mah
Software: Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 7 UI
Speakers: Boom sound Dolby 5.1 speakers

The Perfects:

The One M8 was the best designed android device, so is the M9. Unlike the QHD displays, HTC decided to stick with the HD display, hence the battery life could be awesome considering Lollipop, better processor and 2840 Mah battery (Last year’s M8 had a great battery life with 2600MAh) Camera is 20 Megapixels shooter, good if you like numbers! The Front Ultra-Pixel camera would deliver better low-light selfies. HTC has introduced some new software features like the Cloud Photos, Customizable new themes and other fun-loving photo editing options. And finally, we all know the industrial leading boom sound quality that HTC masters in, this time it’s even better as they’ve gone for Dolby 5.1 speakers!!

The Defects:

The price, HTC One M8 was released in India for about 60k and now the lowest price on the market is about 40k. So, we could expect the price of M9 could be around 60k or little even more Or if HTC is planning to make the right moves we could expect it to be priced about 55,000 Rs /- (that’s minimum!). For the same price or a little more you could get an iPhone 6. But, moreover this is not a cheap device. After all, it’s the only premium android phone you could buy.

Release date in India:

All being said, if you still want to get your hands on the best-designed phone of the year, you may have to wait until mid of March (After 15th March).

Should you buy it?

Well, as I said, there are only minor tweaks and a better camera. Also, it’s much similar to One M8. And the price of M8 would also drop a few thousand bucks (Choose wise!).

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