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Dreams & Hopes

A photo of a simple girl. One evening when I was beside her, I caught her with this glorious, yet simple expression on d face. This face says a lot of things silently with that mild smile & the sparkling eyes.

I just feel, this photo broadly shows the intensity of dreams & the light of positive hope in the eyes of every woman. A woman is always a sign of hope. This photo is dedicated for all the women. Happy Womenโ€™s day. Letโ€™s make it more meaningful by creating the firm footprints in all the walks of our life.

Dreams & Hopes

Namratha K

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About the author

Namratha K

Namratha K

Resident of Puttur. Graduate in Civil Engineering from VTU. Worked as Civil Engineer in Bengaluru for two years. Presently in an attempt to persue Photography, a long term passion, as her career.

  • Good capture!

    • Namratha K

      Thank you Shiv…

  • Praful Shetty

    Nice one

  • Praveen

    Very nice Namratha

  • Namratha K

    Thank you Praful & Praveen

  • A very beautiful one..!!! The black and white scene is adding a lot to the photo..!!! And the detailing, the eyes..!!! Overall a brilliant one…

    • Namratha K

      Thank You Niranjan ๐Ÿ™‚

  • a very good picture ! well captured

    but if you can keep the jaw fully then it would always add value ( or if you have any reason for not to keep that please do explain it here .. i am interested in knowing and sharing things )

    i am taking this platform to give constructive comments as suggested by adithya ( hope no one minds it )

    • Namratha K

      Thank u Rakesh for your appreciation & valuable suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚ I have captured including the jaw. You can observe it if you enlarge the photo (the one with signature/name). In the photo which is displayed above (the one without the signature/name) you might feel the jaw is not covered.
      I have tried to cover the face with jaw & without the presence of neck portion, as i personally felt, even with the presence of a bit of neck portion, the photo would lose its value.
      It would be helpful if u could suggest me with my future clicks too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Very keen observation Rakesh..!!! @Namratha – He was referring to small portion of chin cut off in the pic u are sayin only i feel..!!!

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