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Doctor’s diary: Homemade medicine for common problems

Cold / Cough / Running Nose :  

  1. Equal part of Ginger Juice+ Lime Juice + Honey to be taken 4 – 5 times daily.
  1. Roast grated Ginger with ghee and soak it with honey, keep eating it every hour.
  1. 1 table spoon of Tulsi Juice + Lime Juice + Ginger Juice + Onion Juice + Honey to be taken 4-5 times daily Cough will run away.
  1. For uncontrollable cough, take equal amount of chopped onion + grated ginger in a bowl and powered jaggery in another bowl and eat both alternatively at bed time.
  1. Take 50 Ml water add 3 Table Spoon of Tulsi Juice + Lime Juice +Ginger Juice and [1/2 spoon of Pepper Power + Turmeric Powder.  Boil the water until it becomes ½.  If required add Honey else take 2 table spoon of the condensed water every 2 hours to control cold and cough.

(Ginger is rightly known as “Vishwa Bhesaj” [Universal Medicine] )


Any type of vomiting can be cured if Raw Ginger is chewed along with rock salt.


Cure for Acidity

Take 200 grams of Ash gourd and extract the juice.  Take it 3 times a day


Care for Dry Skin

Take Oil Bath as frequently as possible with the mixture of the following oil 1 bowl of Castor Oil + 1 Bowl of Til Oil + ½ bowl of pure ghee.  The longer you stay the benefits are better.  Also note that this bath is energy booster.



Dr Gladys Rasquinha

MBBS., MRCOG [London]

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