Dear Indians, there is a propaganda out there. Don’t fall for it.

What has church attack in Haryana has to do with the church attack in Mangalore? What has church robbery in Delhi has to do with the robbery in School run by Christian organisation? What has a heinous rape of a nun in West Bengal by perverted sick minds has to do with Gharwapsi?

India is a populous country with 1.2 Billion people. Also, India has its share of people with criminal, pervert, psychic mindsets. So, every day there are several crimes happening in our country and where it is not? Here is a report on various crimes reported in India. And it is haunting us that the delay in the justice/punishment awarded also has a role in our inability to curb down crime rates.

But recently, there is an alarming trend happening in India and it is worrying. Whenever a crime occurs, be it rape or theft of religious structures, the religion of the victim is deciding the factor for the outrage. The worrying factor is not the outrage from the victims’ side(they deserve justice), but it is the outrage from the people, who are having clear propaganda in their actions, in social media terms, these people are  AdarshLiberals. These are the people with vested anti- India interests for their own benefits. These are the people, who have been benefited from the UPA government in the form of tax-evasion, Rajya Sabha seat, Padma awards and various lucrative board membership. They include top journalists, NGO owners, senior artists who form the Lutyens circle. It is worrying because, they are in an influential position to narrate the agenda to the news media.

Is the minority community under the threat in India, since BJP has come to power? These people would like you to think so. Every isolated incident where the victim belongs to the minority community is handpicked and presented to you in such a manner that you ought to think so. It is sad that the religion is playing an important role in a society where numerous crimes occur, to be distinguished as a hate crime.

Let us see few of the incidents occurred recently

Church attack on St Joseph Vaz worship centre near Deralakatte, Mangalore.

How media reported it

churchattack churchndtv

What happened exactly?


See the narrative, is it necessary to relate every damn church attack issue to PM Modi? This is not reported by the church officials, but by the Adarsh Liberals of the media. But for their disappointment, it turned out that one of the ex-employee of the church who had issues with the payment stoned the church. Guess what? those who outraged top of their voice instead of clarifying back to the people chose to remain silent and waited for another similar incident to occur.

About the church attacks in Delhi

The news that was hitting the headline on a regular basis during the run up to Delhi Elections was the vandalism on churches in Delhi. The AAP and Congress politicised the issue and alleged that affiliates of Sangh Parivar are behind these attacks. It is understandable that the political parties don’t need evidence for accusing opponents, because ultimately what they want is electoral gain. But without an iota of evidence, the self-called brand ambassadors of secularism jumped their guns to put the blame of these attacks on PM Modi. They complained to their masters in America to take action against Modi Government. Several op-eds were published claiming minorities are not safe in India.

Incidently, Delhi Police  has registered 206 temple theft cases whereas only three cases of churches were registered in 2014. The report says 14 mosques and 30 gurdwaras were also targeted last year.  Was there any outrage? no, because these were clear cases of thefts or dacoity, not communal hatred. There is no denying that a communal colour was given to thefts in churches. 21 theft cases at religious places have been registered last month, but only one incident was picked up to malign the government and the police. A common robbery incident was used to spread communal hatred by miscreants. Read this op-ed by well known columnist Rupa Subramanya about the number of attacks on churches before Delhi Elections and the reason behind it, I am not going on detail about it here.

It is noticeable that all these incidents were one-sided(usually riot attacks are not one-sided) because they did not know who the miscreants were! And these attacks/reporting stopped mysteriously once the Delhi Elections got over. It is up to you to guess who reaped benefits from these attacks.

Beef ban by Maharashtra Government

It was touted as the majoritarian suppression on the food habits of minorities. But later goalposts had to be shifted hurriedly when it was discovered that the cow slaughter was banned in 23 States, most of them non-BJP. So the headlines changed from, “Sickening fascism that BJP has banned beef in Maharashtra” to “Should beef be banned in 23 States? Tell us what you think.”

Rape of a nun in West Bengal

Although I won’t comment much on this as the investigation is going on. But a rape is a rape, it is a heinous and worst crime. And for God’s sake don’t politicise this issue for your propaganda. And how is PM Modi responsible for that! See the screenshot of the google search.


The news is that the Archbishop condemns rape of a nun and is unhappy with the probe. But The Indian Express here has gone a step further and used it’s creativity in Freedom of Expression and says that he clears Mamata and blames Modi. Is this not a propaganda? There was another incident happened on the same week, where another [pullquote-right] Is the outrage in India politically motivated? Issues secondary & targets primary? Is our aim a strong India or selective outrage? [/pullquote-right] old woman was murdered and found disrobed in an ashram(suspected accused immigrant). (Read here). But no one of these Adarsh Liberals raised their voice. Is the outrage in India politically motivated? Issues secondary & targets primary? Is our aim a strong India or selective outrage? The anxiety and atmosphere of insecurity are created by those who despise Modi govt. And that is the crux of the matter. When “Modi will kill Muslims after coming to power” did not work, they have started with “Modi will persecute Christians“. I still remember Rahul Gandhi in a particular election rally saying that more than 22,000 people will be killed if Modi comes to power (Watch here). Since, it did not happen they are executing their action B. According to Lutyens Insider, see the tweet below


It is our duty to defeat them by not falling into this sinister plot created. Let us outrage for the injustice happening in our society. Evil elements are there in every society. Let us all be united and fight against the evil elements of our society. It is not a one way track, government alone cannot solve this menace, as a responsible citizens we should join hands with the government. Let the game of politics be played by politicians alone. We should not fall into their trap. India is a secular nation from centuries back and will remain one for centuries more to come.

Lastly for VHP types


 Dear VHP, you either stop commenting on the issues not related to you or else your every sentence will be twisted by the media and it will end up increasing communal tension and damaging Modi’s reputation. You deserve it, but Modi doesn’t.

This article is intended to invoke rational thinking in you. I have made an attempt to put before you the facts and observation about the recent issues that is concerning India. Think in the national interest beyond your bias and prejudice. If you have personal experience where you have felt insecure being a minority in this country write to us in the comment section or mail to us [email protected]

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Aditya Kalluraya

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  • shankar

    Well said adithya….I agree with u.
    U articulated with the witness….Nice job.

    • Thanks Shankar. It is important for us to analyse every incident before blindly accusing.

  • Wilson D’souza

    Dear Christian brothers, please verify the facts before blindly accusing communal hatred.

    • Yes, Mr. Wilson. Let us think beyond our biases, we are not losing anything by doing so. Let us help each other in solving the problems of our society and maintain the secular fabric of our nation.

      • Wilson D’souza

        It is our right to know actual facts

  • Shruthi S Bhat

    Dear Aditya, well written. Kudos to you. And never to forget the desperate attempt by NDTV to bring the word #Hindu in everything.

    • Thanks, Shruthi. Yes, NDTV is infamous for its anti-India propaganda, some of its Facebook posts are a testimony of it. I shall soon be writing an article to expose NDTV’s mysterious links with anti-national organisations.

      • Shruthi S Bhat

        sounds great. looking forward to

  • Nicely put.

  • Shruthi S Bhat

    sounds great. looking forward to

  • Ashitha

    Well written Aditya!

  • People are blindly support and bound the communal things… Well written with justify proof #Adithya

    • True, people are instilled with fear by the propagandists to achieve their goal. Thanks.

  • raj kiran

    i still feel bad why fdi is allowed in media .only country india some Indians like asish nandy journos like outlook and some liberals cheer for india to loose god save india from this self loathing propaganda

    • True, it seems like for them National interest/mood is secondary, their self-agenda is primary. FDI was introduced with an aim to raise the quality of journalism to the global standard, hope(pun intended) it will improve in the coming days.

  • Sreepriya Unnikrishnan

    Very well written, worth sharing…thank you!

  • trueindian
    • Hi TrueIndian, thank you for bringing that news to my notice. See, the style of media reporting there, only half the article is about the stone hurling in St. George Catholic Church, the rest half is about the vandalisation happened in Haryana. See how smartly, the reporter has linked both the incidents as they are done by the same set of people.

      I will share with you another link, http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/church-attack-navi-mumbai-stones-hurled-hisar-nadia-nun-gangrape/1/425085.html See here, they have combined the above-mentioned incident with the rape of a nun in WB. Is there any connection between them? Don’t you think that these are isolated incidents?

      About the above incident, I quote from India today, “The surprise attack which lasted for just over a minute..”. They have added other incidents mischievously to make it look more dangerous. The FIR has been launched, let the names of the mysterious troublemakers come out. I think we have the patience to wait before giving any conclusion.

    • Hi TrueIndian, you guessed it right, it was not communal hatred. Hope you are tracking the news.

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