My love for cats is unconditional, unbound, unsaturated, Godly, inexplicable and crazy to its heights!
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y sweet family always made sure there were surplus cats in the house and filled my life with happiness which felt more than good to take care and enjoy watching the activities of these sweet feline beings of this wonderful planet.
      Each time a new kitten was born, it seemed that there could not have been a better derivation of bliss.
      Friends called me crazy!
      Neighbors threw those looks at me which screamed ” You are nuts! ( Enchi  saav ya! Marl Ponnugu! )
      Family watched me pamper the cats with a smile as they loved cats too.
      Few thought cats are scary and dirty and the rest just took a U-turn altogether!
Nothing could stop the growing passion for cats.
This made me reflect upon “WHY” was I so attached to these fur balls of cuteness.
Could there have been a deeper connection between them and me? Could there have been a possibility that I would have happened to be one among them in the past life?Could there have been a bond so special that I felt they were a part of me?…
All these questions in the head made sure I tossed and turned in my sleep.
Then it so happened that one day I came across a convincing article that read, that the animals you love could be your “TOTEM SPIRITS” !!!
Animal Totems and Animal symbolism is a means of personal or spiritual identity.
We could relate our personality traits to that of theirs and help discover what we are made of!
Everybody would have their own Animal Totems; eg: cat, dog, wolf etc.
Mine is definitely a CAT!
People who have cat as their totem might display the below characteristics:
*Patient, waiting for the right moment to act.
*Independent, yet enjoying social connections.
*Adventurous, courageous.
*Deep and relaxed connection with inner self.
*Healing from inside out.
*Curious and exploring the unknown.
*Mysterious and secretive.
*Intuitive and creative.
*Clever and unpredictable.
*Selective about making friends.
*Watchful and powerful.
*Feminine sexuality.
On this note I conclude by saying ;
” Keep loving animals/ pets and keep loving yourself for you might as well discover the true “self” you are made of, know your Totem Spirit and get inspired to achieve and do better in Life!

Rakshitha Rakesh


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