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5 most useful Android apps which you may not be using

The five most useful Android apps you may not be using:

1. SwiftKey Keyboard: I am sure it is not just me who thinks “Autocorrect” sucks! It really is. If you’re also really pissed off at your Google Keyboard for its autocorrect Swiftkey is your thing. I’ve used almost all the Android custom keyboards and Swiftkey is the best for word prediction and autocorrect.

2. Feedly: Hands down, Feedly is the best RSS feeder and news reading apps right now!

3. Flipboard: It’s another news reading app with more than just news, it has some amazing cool stuff.
4. Lazyswipe: The name of the app describes the purpose. You don’t have to pull the notification bar from the top anymore.

5. Instasave: Sometimes you juts desperately want to save the photos from Instagram, and that’s when you need this app.

I’ve been using all these apps myself and hence I am suggesting to try, and I am sure it’ll be helpful.

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