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World in a bubble

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What you are looking at is the reflection of objects in front of a bubble shot from a bubble shooter!
I always wanted to click something new and simple yet speaks a lot! This photo, I should say was a dream shot for me. It wasn’t easy to click though. After so many trials and after getting frustrated for not getting what I wanted, I finally was able to click this. It took me more than fifty clicks to get this pic and I couldn’t do it without the help of someone to shoot the bubbles.
The important things for this pic were the light, good background, correct focusing position and most importantly the color of the bubble!. I chose a bright sunny afternoon for this ‘experiment’ and sunlight was coming from behind from where i had shot this pic and that’s why the reflection is visible properly. It took me many trials before I could focus correctly on the bubble as it never stays in a position. The color of the bubble is important because once the bubble is shot from the shooter, it changes its color irregularly and to get a soothing effect on the bubble, the right color of it is a must.

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Kaushal Bhat

Kaushal Bhat

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