Sweet time: Tutti Frutti from Raw Papaya

Remember your childhood? When you used to enjoy the rusks, dip it in milk and eat. That was itself our evening snacks sometimes. But now I am not saying about rusk actually. Hope you remember those colorful tutti frutti in that rusk!

Let’s see how to prepare that tutti frutti now.



Raw papaya                :  200g

Sugar                            : 2cups

Vanilla Essence           : 1/2 tsp

Edible Food Colours   : Red, Yellow, Green (Optional)  [a pinch]




* Chop papaya into cubes (peel off the skin) .

* Boil 4 cup of water in a pan add chopped raw papaya and cook it for 3 mins (low medium flame);

Remove from heat and let papaya remain in same hot water for 5mins. Then strain it.

* Cook 2 cups of sugar, 3-4cups of water. Cook till sugar syrup turns sticky and forms thin one string

consistency and then add papaya pieces.  Cook around 3-4mins.

Switch off stove and remove pan.

* Add few drops of vanilla essence.

* Divide this papaya-sugar syrup into 3 portions, add pinch of colour mix well and keep aside for 12-24hrs.

* After 24hrs take out from syrup and strain them.

* Spread these papaya cubes on a place and let them dry till stickiness is totally absorbed. I have sundried it.


I prefer sundry. Better to sundry for 3-4 days. Store it in air tight container.

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Sumana Mullunja

Sumana Mullunja

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