Power of view

Sanath wasn’t living! Just existed as a robot! His life had no flavors.
Work and home are the only world for him. He was upset with his life. He had no time for leisure. Weekends were reserved for his pending works.
It was the “dream job” which he worked for years to get and now struggling to carry out smoothly.
The ice bucket challenge of not doing any office work at home never worked for him.
One fine day while coming back home after work “fortunately” he lost his key. There was no way other than waiting for his wife to return.
These few minutes had a great impact on his view towards life. He was watching a kid playing with bubbles.. Every time the kid tried to collect the bubbles, that kid failed. Instead of losing patience that kid was going for the next try. He was very much surprised for that kid’s patience, innocence and determination to collect the bubbles.
Finally enlightened “hard or easy the path towards destiny must be loved and living in the presence peacefully”  is the key to unlock the door of happiness. Frustration of losing the key has gone by this newly found key to happy and calm life.


Ananya Bellipady

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