Love you…. Dear Mom

“While you were learning to speak, your mother understood everything you tried to say. But today we say a lot and claim, “Mom, you don’t understand!”

Mother, a special person who always has a special, dignified place in our heart. How to describe a mother? Shall I describe her as a real role model of our life who guides us at each and every moment or an encyclopedia who encloses within her the experience of life? Really, she is a living God. She sacrifices everything for the sake of her children. And, of course, she is beyond description…

Every mother, of course, every parent dreams about the good future of their kids. They never let their kids know the troubles and grant all the kind of happiness and freedom. They take all our mistakes as our childishness. Mom knows what’s good and bad for us. She has seen the world more than us. She knows no corrupted, violent and selfish is the world outside. Whenever we cross the boundary, she feels the threat for us, that is why, she says, “O my dear, I’m afraid you can’t have it…? This creates a contradiction instead of understanding the message she wants to convey us. We say Mom what is this? You don’t know anything, our generation is not like yours, come on be modern, stop being rubbish….! We undermine her suggestion and think that she is laying a boundary to our freedom, But fail to understand a mother’s heart thinking of her child’s well-being. Does the relation, love between parent and siblings change just because you consider yourself modern? Does this generation gap shadow the time and change our thoughts?

She responds to our pain or trouble very quickly. Even at, midnight if we tell her about any of our health problem, immediately she thinks a remedy for that, forgetting her sleep. Though we are the grown ups we are still kids to her. Such a lovely lady she is our dear mother.

But today we can find thousands of homes for old age, ashrams everywhere. This is a clear sign of an end point of the relations. Educated, literates, employed people of these categories don’t usually find time to spend with [pullquote-left]“Human body can bear 46dels unit of pain when alive. But our mom, while giving birth to us, has experience 57dels of pain. This is equal to 20 bones getting fractured at a time!”[/pullquote-left] their parents. To find a solution for this they look at ashrams where they say that their parents are getting good food, shelter, luxurious living etc. But do they ever think of repaying the load that they had from their parents – the loan of love, the loan of care and affection….?? Once if they have admitted their parents to orphanages they think that their job is done. Thereafter they never mind of their parents. How ridiculous! But the helpless parents in their old age pass their life longing for the care and affection of their children. Such a pity! Tears rush out of their eyes when they explain their grievance of not having their child’s proximity.

If this is the benefit of being educated, it is, worth being illiterate. We claim, ‘Life has become fast’ But we still can spare time for parents, who are near and dear to us, Children who cause both mental and physical pain to their mom, but those people should know how much pain mother tolerates while giving birth to a child. “Human body can bear 46dels unit of pain when alive. But our mom, while giving birth to us, has experience 57dels of pain. This is equal to 20bones getting fractured at a time!”

Mom scolds and beats us many times. But that scolding has some dearness which can not be expressed in words. The mother is the truest friend you could ever have. Her love is selfless. May Almighty GOD reward our Mom greatly in this world and hereafter.

So it’s really a high time to say ‘I Love you Mom’. We have already given her so much of pain, let’s stop hurting her, please…

Shobhitha S


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