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Here is why learning Yoga can make you a better person.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap] Yoga is a science of conscious evolution or self-perfection, which has been cherished over thousands of years of its documented existence in India.  It covers all the conceivable aspects of human life that leads to physical fitness, mental harmony and spiritual consciousness. Yoga provides a positive outlook of life, enduring bliss and unceasing peace and solitude through the integration of personality.  It is above the narrow demarcations and limitations of caste, creed, color, sex, nationality and status.

Science and technology are expected to take care of the material needs of the humans and help to reach higher and more glorious of living. But we know from actual experience that mere development of science and technology by themselves cannot ensure the true well-being of the human race and had a nobler and peaceful life on this earth this calls for the conscious development and use of will power. And it is here lies the discipline of yoga, which is well established and time tested system of developing the inner power. Though yoga has spiritual bent of development as its aim, it is relevant and applicable for achieving of objective also. It is a comprehensive discipline, which helps to develop the faculties and powers inherent in the human beings. As such, it is available for purposes other than spiritual salvation also.

Swami Vivekananda said in clear terms:

“To become harmoniously balanced in all directions, is my ideal of religion and this religion is attained by what we in India call yoga or union”.  

Yoga is the science of maintaining a healthy mind in a healthy body and has always been known as a preventive, promotive and curative therapy.  It opens for man a realm of beatitude, and liberation from sorrows and pains.  The main purpose of yoga is to elevate man and realize his inherent potential.  Practice of yoga leads naturally to modification of thoughts and behavior and a new realization of the purposes and processes of life.  This holistic approach leads to better health and eradication of physical and mental disorders.  Through constant and devoted practice of yoga, one learns how to move amidst worldly objects with wisdom and skill in activity, yet with inner detachment.  Since the crisis through which we are passing today is many-sided and nothing short of a synthesis of different systems of yoga would give the needed remedy.

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